I started photography at Age 13 when my brother bought me my first manual camera for my first dark room photography class in 7th grade.  I continued to study photography through high school and college having wonderful opportunities to work in the Columbia Gorge and Portland OR before studying and graduating from EOU in 2003.  I bought my first professional canon SLR in 2005 and have since bought 6 more throughout the years upgrading to stay at the top of technology.

My father is a well know mural painter in the Columbia River Gorge.  Much of his work can be seen at Bonneville Damn where he worked creating beautiful art for much of his life.

Some have a hard time understanding the price of photography.  As a small business owner I pay taxes, upgrade my software and equipment.  Honestly most of what you pay for goes just to keep my business expenses paid.  My prices reflect what it costs me to work in the constantly changing world we live in, my time as an artist, and my knowledge of children and families to make a session fun and enjoyable instead of a stressful day.

I love the joy of photographing weddings, seniors, babies and children.  Every different situation provides a unique experience for me to discover my craft and perfect my technique, for which, I am truly grateful.

I have also helped to train several other photographers who now run their own businesses.  I occasionally run workshops to help others learn light and their cameras better.

© 2016 by Nelli Sudbrock